Lattice Covers or Pergolas

Lattice Covers are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space and offer exceptional shade.

Lattice covers get their name from a fancy old French word that means something about geometrical arrangement. A Lattice Patio Cover is “a structure consisting of strips of wood or metal crossed and fastened together with square or diamond-shaped spaces left between, used typically as a screen or fence or as a support for climbing plants.”

Lattice covers can be free-standing or attached to the house. And they can offer a wide variety of purposes. Sometimes they are used to offer some shade over a seating area next to a pool. Other times they are used as window awnings that can help keep the glaring sun off the window during the heat of summer.

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Lattice Covers or Pergolas FAQs

This depends on how far apart we space the lattice.  If the lattice is spaced at 50%, then 60% shade is given.  We can space the lattice as close or as far apart as you wish.  And we have a nice little diagram that will show you that distance.

Lattice covers do offer some protection from the rain, however, not as much as solid covers. Lattice covers do not have a built in rain gutter system like solid covers do. They will keep some water from falling on your area, however, in a heavy downpour, lattice patio covers will not protect your area from getting soaked.

Typically, the lattice tubes are 2”x2”.  However, other popular options are 2”x3” or 3”x3”, depending on your needs and wants.  We’ve even ran 2”x6” and 3”x8” for the lattice covers. Although these options are spendy, they offer an amazing look.

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